Packaging and displays for pet food & care

Espositori per pet food

Pet food & care

Espositore di cibo per animali domestici

Customized packaging for pet food

Packaging for pet products and pet food needs to be airtight, bacteria-resistant, temperature-resistant, and protective during transportation and storage.

In addition to adhering to all industry guidelines for pet food and pet care, the solutions we offer are fully customizable: we can quickly adapt our machines to the formats required by this market.

We manage the entire process, from design to production, warehousing, packaging, and shipping. Throughout each of these stages, we provide our recognized technical support.

Ideal products
Scatole e packaging


Design and production of customized packaging, starting from product analysis, market research, and regulatory requirement.

Espositore display


Imballi creates both countertop and floor displays through careful study of the products to be showcased and the available space.

Babbo Natale in cartone per marketing


We offer dedicated structures for point of sale marketing, including totems, roll-ups, stoppers, shaped panels, shelf headers, stands, counters, and floor stands.

Other sectors

Application sectors of packaging by Imballi

A 360° approach

Our team of 150 employees is capable of handling almost all internal processes independently, including final storage in our warehouse with over 20,000 pallet spaces.

High Level

Imballi products are renowned for their carefully curated details, which are guaranteed by state-of-the-art machinery such as the Autoplatina Bobst Mastercut 1.65 PER die-cutting machine, and the Kongsberg C64 and X22 plotters.


Many clients choose us for our ability to customize products according to their specific requirements and for our capacity to handle large-scale productions within short timeframes.


We have an in-house design studio where we create innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client's project, placing great emphasis on creativity.


You will find an informal and reassuring atmosphere where you breathe our expertise. Rest assured that any information you share with us will be treated confidentially, respecting the utmost importance of your projects.

Altri settori

Settori di applicazione dei packaging
firmati imballi

Food & beverage

Packaging to ensure freshness, integrity, and safety of food and beverages.


Boxes and packaging to protect shoes during transportation and in stores.

Small appliances

Durable and protective packaging for kitchen and bathroom appliances.

Postal shipments

Robust and durable industrial packaging for e-commerce shipments and postal sector.

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