The original point of sales materials made by Imballi

Point of sale marketing: Babbo Natale


Display materials for your marketing

Vasta scelta di materiali marketing

Wide range of customizable options for dispensers, roll-ups, shelf headers, islands, stands, totems, corners, counters, and floor displays

finiture a scelta e materiali FSC

Choose your preferred colors and printing finishes, utilizing recycled materials and FSC™ certified options

gestiamo la distribuzione

Individual packaging of materials with the possibility of widespread distribution

Grande isola in cartone a piantana per marketing nei punti vendita

Why choose Imballi for Point of Sale Marketing?

Imballi has developed a range of materials specifically designed for your Point of Sale Marketing needs, which involves promoting products or services directly at the retail point.

Our goal is to capture the attention of customers and enhance their shopping experience, ultimately increasing sales.

Choose from: dispensers, banners, roll-ups, stoppers, shaped panels, shelf headers, window signs, islands, promotional stands, totems, corners equipped for product display, counters, and floor stands for in-store activities.

Piantana per point of sales marketing
Struttura in cartone per punto vendita
Babbo Natale in cartone per marketing

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