The most sustainable and tamper-proof packaging made by Imballi


Boxes, packages, cases, cartons: the ideal packaging for your products

imballaggi pallettizzabili

Standard palletizable dimensions with a maximum size of 120x160cm, also available with tamper-evident seals

produzione industriale di packaging

Production ranging from 300 pieces to large industrial quantities, with options for storage, franking, and shipping management

Cartone FSC in onda singola o doppia

Single-wave and double-wave cardboard, also available from recycled and/or FSC™-certified raw materials

Scatola finestrata per ecommerce

Imballi designs and manufactures the right packaging to contain your products

The packaging development process begins with an analysis of the product, its market, and relevant regulatory references.

This is followed by an important testing phase to ensure that the packaging provides maximum protection during product transportation and storage.

The prototyping stage, with the identified graphic design, is shared with our clients to arrive at the ideal solution together.

Once the effectiveness and aesthetics of the packaging are ensured, we at Imballi are ready to produce the required quantities and initiate the journey that the product and packaging will undertake together until they reach the end consumers’ homes.
In the case of large quantities, our warehouse is capable of safely accommodating the inventory until the final use.

Scatole e packaging
Scatola di carta con lato aperto
Imballaggi in cartone

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