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Varie tecniche di stampa e incollatura

We offer a wide range of printing options and a variety of adhesive techniques and special processes

Scatole pallettizzabili a onda

Standard palletizable dimensions, both in single-wall and double-wall corrugated, for both counter and floor displays

prototipi rapidi degli espositori

Fast prototyping in 3-5 days, and delivery of the display in flat or pre-assembled form, packaged, and optionally filled with products

Espositore in cartone per punti vendita

Contain and display your products? Imballi has got you covered!

The journey towards the creation of displays starts with a careful study of the products to be showcased, the target market, the placement locations, and relevant regulations. Imballi undertakes each step in collaboration with your marketing or design department.

From here, concepts are born, ranging from countertop displays to larger-scale floor displays. These concepts are then transformed into 3D models and prototypes ready for testing.

Your graphics are adapted to make the display not only effectively support the products but also showcase them in an attractive manner.

Once the tests are passed, Imballi’s displays are produced in series and are ready to enhance your product in the final retail stores.

Espositore in cartone da terra
Espositore in cartone per negozi
Espositore display

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